ZDS #750 - ZDaemon City
2022-01-14 • UberGewei • (ZDS News)

Hello Folks!

Let's kick back and relax a little..
Because we have something special to celebrate.
Namely 750 of these sessions!
We'll do so in a modified version of ZDaemon City!

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Date: Saturday January 15th
Euro: 19:30 GMT (2:30 PM ET)
USA: 01:00 GMT (8:00 PM ET)


ZDS #747 - Escape The Bear (Christmas Special Finale)

2021-12-25 • UberGewei • (ZDS News)

ZDaemon people!

The notorious bear is back! But this time around he's focused on your presents! :p
Can you escape the bear and make it through the session coming Saturday?

Simple.. aslong as you're not the bear: RUN!!!

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Date: Saturday December 25th
Euro: 19:30 GMT (2:30 PM ET)
USA: 01:00 GMT (8:00 PM ET)


ZDS #746 - Christmas Survival (Christmas Special III)

2021-12-17 • UberGewei • (ZDS News)

YO-YO-YO, Merry Christmas!

The ZDaemon Christmas adventure is back!
And this year it is even more adventurous than last year!
With even more crazy level designs for crazy people!

More additions have been made such as levels, upgrades, pets & more!

Because it's Christmas you'll be granted with an extra life on each map.
Can you make it through the whole maplist?

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ZDaemon Christmas Special Announcement 2021

2021-12-15 • UberGewei • (ZDS News)



ZDS #745 - King of the Snowy Hill (Christmas Special II)

2021-12-10 • UberGewei • (ZDS News)

Lovely people!
This weekend it's time to play King of the Hill with the kothpack01j mappack.
A pack that was compiled by Cybershark in 2012 with maps from ManoLO, Tobi, Op-Cow, Hellbent/Grotug, Spacepirate & Luca95.
The maps have been overhauled with a Christmas theme.

What the imp is KOTH you ask?
Well.. You've got to own the domination point with your team for 10 seconds to score!
The point is usually located in the center of the map.

Don't miss the fun!

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