ZDS #594 - Exitrun!
2019-01-17 • Krawa • (ZDS News)

Hello ZDaemon Sessions Team Game People,
This weekend we will introduce a new scripted gamemode called: Exitrun!

The rules are easy:
Go to exit and score for your team.
After scoring you get teleported to Player Start.
So speedrun skills, fighting, defending, team tactic, ... everything can be helpful.
We start with original Doom2 maps, so knowing them also helps. :)

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Date: Saturday 19th January 2019
Time: 19:30 GMT


ZDS #593 - ZDaemon Invasion B5

2019-01-12 • UberGewei • (ZDS News)

Hello folks,
This weekend it's time to play Ronald's ZDaemon Invasion wad.
His project consists of relatively small maps, but packed with action!
The wad is not yet complete, but so far that it is definitely worth playing.

We hope to see you this saturday!

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Date: Saturday 12th January 2019
Time: 19:30 GMT


ZDS #592 - [LA] Birthday Party!

2019-01-02 • UberGewei • (ZDS News)

It's that time of the year again;
The prettiest boy of ZDaemon celebrates his birthday.
It warmed our hearts to see how you all turned out to be beautiful princesses last year.
We do not want to take this away from you
So that's why we re-run the session from last year with a couple of improvements.

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Date: Saturday 5th January 2019
Time: 19:30 GMT


ZDS #591 - ZDS Christmas Special 2018

2018-12-29 • UberGewei • (ZDS News)

The Christmas spirit affects everyone, even the demons.
But that does not mean that they have become friendly.
Some are even dressed up as cheerful Christmas figures but do not get carried away by their cheerful appearance.
You still get projectiles thrown at your head just as hard and your guts are not safe either.

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Date: Saturday 29th December 2018
Time: 19:30 GMT


ZDS #589 - Doom Birthday Party

2018-12-14 • Krawa • (ZDS News)

Hello ZDeamon Sessions Doom Party People,
This weekend it's time to celebrate the 25th birthday of Doom!
So join the birthday party on ZDS!!!

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Date: Saturday 15th December 2018
Time: 19:30 GMT