ZDS #786 - Double Domination
2022-09-23 • UberGewei • (ZDS News)

Hello ZDaemon people,
Been a while since we last ran Double Domination so now seems like the perfect time!

For those who don't know Double Domination:
In DDOM, their are only two checkpoints (A and B). A team must control both checkpoints for ten seconds to get a point.
If successful, both checkpoints will reset to neutral for both teams to capture for a new round.
The first team to reach the game limit wins.

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Date: Saturday September 24th
19:30 BST (2:30 PM ET)


ZDS #785 - Duum 2 Super Survival

2022-09-17 • UberGewei • (ZDS News)

Hello ZDaemon people,
This week's ZDS we have something out of the extraordinary!
A wad that some of you might have played back in the day; Duum 2 Super.
Yes, that wad with the nicely dressed Baron's of Hell and the Airplane Carrier.
It sure is one hell of a wadfile and the author has a good sense of humor.

So, we'd like you to take this weird trip with us through a complete set of 32 maps!

Do you think you've got what it takes? then make sure to be there this Saturday!

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Date: Saturday September 17th


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ZDS #784 - X-Games V4

2022-09-09 • Krawa • (ZDS News)

Hello ZDaemon Party People,
This weekend it's time to play some minigames called X-Games.
No idead what that is? You can find some videos here and here.
So don't miss the fun!

If you want the announcer to be able to say your name,
when you win, ask me on forum or IRC and I'll add it.

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Date: Saturday September 10th
19:30 BST (2:30 PM ET)


ZDS #783 - ZDaemon Deathrun!

2022-09-02 • UberGewei • (ZDS News)

Hello folks!

It's time to play a mod by Aeyesi and Zedek called Deathrun!
Deathrun is survival mod where a randomly picked player
becomes an "activator" and the rest of players will become runners.
The goal of runners is to run through the map to then kill the activator and exit.
The activator has a set of traps to defend themselves and kill the runners.

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Date: Saturday September 3rd
19:30 BST (2:30 PM ET)


ZDS #782 - Equinox

2022-08-27 • UberGewei • (ZDS News)

Hello ZDaemon People,

The original session idea for this week has been postponed,
but here's something else for ya' called Equinox!
Join in for a fun 13 mappack made by B.P.R.D, featuring
new graphics, music and sounds. Hope to see you there!

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Date: Saturday August 27th
19:30 BST (2:30 PM ET)