Private CTF Guidelines

So you're new to the scene and want to get in on some hardcore competitive CTF? Awesome! Just remember these basic rules and you'll be welcome.
  1. To change team: go to Player Setup in the menu, or open the console and enter "team 0" for red; "team 1" for blue; "team 2" for green; "team 3" for white.

  2. Do NOT join in the middle of a game. This is not public CTF. Instead, either change team to green if you intend to spectate and not take part; or to white if you wish to take part after the current game has ended.

  3. No aliasing: use your well known nickname!

  4. How to play:
    • Make sure you're on the White team. Players on the Green team are always ignored from the game and cannot switch over to White during player selection.
    • A vote is called to determine two captains for the round. The captains then take turns to choose players from the white team only.
    • If a captain picks you, you must join their team.
    • The game will only begin after a 'callvote reset' of the map chosen. The game can not begin with a 'callvote map mapxx' command. This is to ensure that all players are familiar with the map beforehand and have adequate time to discuss tactics using team chat.

  5. Captains:
    • The captain with the highest ping is granted first choice. He may request to have choice of map instead.
    • If there is a large skill/knowledge difference between the two captains (which would result in an unbalanced draft), there will be a recap.
    • There is a cooldown period of one round before you may be picked as a captain again.

  6. Players:
    • Players who connect or change team from green to white during a draft are ineligible for selection until the next round.
    • Players who did not get picked in the previous round must be picked as first choice in the next round. This does not include newly connected players.
    • If selected, players cannot give up their position during a draft without a good reason.

  7. You must constantly make an effort to improve, or you will get left behind. It's private for a reason, and while we want to see more activity here, we also want to maintain the highest order of competitive play.

  8. Do you want to be alerted in ZDaemon Chat when there's private CTF going on? Then join the #euro channel and follow this very easy image guide to set up ZRC alerts for private CTF.