-=FATE=- Duel Deathmatch Tournament - Registration due by Feb 23!
2014-02-21 • Jacob • (Blogs - Jacob)

FATE is hosting a single elimination bracketed duel deathmatch tournament featuring prize awards for the top 3 contenders. Click here for more information & to register!

Prepare yourself!


-=DB4D=- Spontaneous Survival :: Return to Base Ganymede

2013-06-09 • Jacob • (Blogs - Jacob)

DB4D & Dwango United offer a return to Base Ganymede. During the last visit to Base Ganymede on May 25th, the team lost momentum in episode 2 and did not manage to hold it together.

Having recovered from the last mission, with new energy and a fresh perspective, we return to Base Ganymede tonight (Saturday, June 8th) determined to solve its puzzles and get out alive.

The player limit is 4 to support classic style cooperation. Base Ganymede is a 3 episode vanilla megaWAD for Doom 1 featuring 27 maps set on one of Jupiter's moons, Ganymede.

Place: zds://
Time: 9 PM EST


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C1PH3R challenges DOOM duelists to a test of endurance!

2013-05-27 • Jacob • (Blogs - Jacob)

A veteran ZDaemon player making his official return to the ZDaemon community under the moniker C1PH3R has issued an endurance duel challenge to duelists throughout the DOOM universe, at least those willing to accept his challenge on the ZDaemon platform. Players choosing to accept C1PH3R’s challenge may choose the map that the duel will take place on from a pool of 7 maps of the 64 maps featured in the WAD: Jacob’s Ladder. Those map selections are:

Map06: Dweller2 M11
Map30: XenosX9 M04
Map38: Oblivx
Map47: Judas23_
Map53: Moo2D
Map58: Lazarus1J M04

The server host is Dwango United – Jacob’s Ladder #02. Old school, almost vanilla duel DM settings apply, as are usually featured on Dwango United - Jacob’s Ladder servers. The endurance frag limit is 100, the time limit unlimited. DVOX_beta4.WAD, a home brewed announcement VOX will accompany the match. All matches will be recorded and later posted for community viewing. The behavior of “rage quitting” or voluntarily exiting the match while it is in progress will be considered as a lost match.


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DB4D Spontaneous Survival @ Base Ganymede

2013-05-25 • Jacob • (Blogs - Jacob)

DB4D offers up a spontaneous survival (2 lives) @ Base Ganymede, a 3 episode vanilla megaWAD for Doom 1 featuring 27 maps set on one of Jupiter's moons, Ganymede. The player limit is 3 but plenty can watch and each player has 2 lives. Will you survive?

Server: zds://

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Jacob's Ladder Duel Compilation updates to Beta08

2013-05-05 • Jacob • (Blogs - Jacob)

Jacob's Ladder, a 64 map duel compilation WAD updated to version Beta08 on May 4th. Changes in this version include: 3 map replacements, a new help screen displaying the map list (press F1), some new graphic screens and music, and the reversion to vanilla doom sounds for OS compatibility. Thanks to Fluffles & Gyrossman for their suggestions.

You can check out Jacob's Ladder currently on the USA NJ Dwango United servers. Fluffles is working at getting one or more Euro servers setup soon! Peace =).

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