Halloween Episode: The DOOM Survival Guide
2012-10-31 • Thadeuss • (Blogs - Thadeuss)

Calum and Mike play through Andyman3k's Zombie Survival WAD, with ridiculous consequences.

Happy Halloween everyone!


The Doom Survival Guide Episode #5 : Dead Calm (except for Calum)

2012-10-11 • Thadeuss • (Blogs - Thadeuss)

Here is the latest episode of The DOOM Survival Guide. This week we play Dead Calm, a great little map alongside our first guest host. We introduce our friend Alan to the world of ZD. Next guest spot will be Vampire. If you want to take part let us know!

We'll be editing the shows properly after this one, with shorter episodes and a cool intro...hopefully :p


The Doom Survival Guide Episode #4: Requiem and Noir

2012-10-03 • Thadeuss • (Blogs - Thadeuss)

Episode 4 of The DOOM Survival Guide where Calum and Mike play through Requiem and DOOM Noir/D2Reloaded.

Expect many new episodes on a regular release schedule now that I finally have a new desktop!


Doom Survival Guide Episode #3: Knee Deep in the Dead

2011-12-16 • Thadeuss • (Blogs - Thadeuss)

I had some major problems putting this together, but hopefully you guys and gals enjoy it. I'm trying to get a Christmas themed episode up in time. Hopefully the next episode will be better recorded, and we'll not play like a couple of sponges.


DOOM Survival Guide Episodes coming soon!

2011-08-02 • Thadeuss • (Blogs - Thadeuss)

Just another update on this. I've solved the technical issues I had while doing a recording with Vampire, Sniper, Swift, & Nero. I'm going to hold back on releasing that stuff though, so apologies to those involved. The reason is that I really want these videos to have a proper structure to them, with each episode having 'a point'. The stuff that I did with those guys so far was very funny, we just need to organise it a little better I think.

For that reason the next episodes will hopefully have some flashy titles, heavily promote ZD, have a weekly release schedule, and have the following content/play throughs:

Episode #3 - Knee Deep in the Dead


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