Useful / Interesting Resources

  • id Software
    They wrote some software; I forgot which...

  • Doom Explorer
    A fine alternative Doom launcher created by Bond.

  • Flash Doom 2D
    A 2D platform game inspired by DooM and implemented in Flash
    by knarrenheinz. What can I say? Run.. don't walk.

  • Ducks Wiki
    A wiki put together by TeamTNS and other Survival game mode
    enthusiasts playing the ZDaemon source port of the original Doom game.

    The largest WAD server in the world by Mega-Dog & Rygrass.

    Your online resource for Classic Doom2 information, files and
    links hosted by Bahdko.

  • The Doom Wiki
    Documentation about anything related to Doom and Doom II,
    as well as games based on the Doom engine.

  • Freedoom
    A free alternative to commercial IWADs.

  • Doom Help Service
    Lots of general information about the Doom family.