ZDaemon 1.10.22 - 2022-12-28 Sub-release
2022-12-28 • AF-Domains • (General ZDaemon News)

Yes it is another sub-release.

ZDaemon 1.10.22 dated 2022-12-28 is now out with immediate effect.

For users that don't use the ZDaemon Launcher this isn't a mandatory 1.10.22 build but it is strongly recommended that you update nevertheless.

The client and all server builds have been updated and are available via the Downloads page.

The changelog has also been updated.

The highlight is as follows:

- "Select Audio Device" added in "Sound Options". Now it's possible
to select the audio device for voice chat.


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ZDaemon 1.10.22 - 2022-12-19 Sub-release

2022-12-19 • AF-Domains • (General ZDaemon News)

A sub-release for ZDaemon 1.10.22 dated 2022-12-19 is now out.

The client and all server builds have been updated and are available via the Downloads page.

The changelog has also been updated.

Highlights are as follows - these account from the previous 2022-12-02 sub-release as well:

- Autocompletion for $playername added in online mode and demo
playback (e.g. spy $pla <TAB>). Last entered characters will be
completed now (e.g. bind x menu_k <TAB>).

- PatchInfo notices now include the rule number; this is to assist
with debuggi...

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Daylight Saving Time - Outgoing (2022)

2022-10-28 • AF-Domains • (General ZDaemon News)

Daylight Saving Time is on the way out. The official session times are as follows to account for this differential.

BST goes back to GMT on: 2022-10-30
EDT and CDT go back to EST and CST respectively on: 2022-11-06

ZDS: (2022-10-29)
Euro: 19:30 BST (14:30 EDT)

TNS: (2022-11-03)
Euro: 19:00 GMT (15:00 EDT)

ZDS: (2022-11-05)
Euro: 19:30 GMT (15:30 EDT)

TNS: (2022-11-10)
Euro: 19:00 GMT (14:00 EST)

ZDS: (2022-11-12)
Euro: 19:30 GMT (14:30 EST)

For indepedent USDQC events such as WDM and FNS and Wadazine's WFF their presumed times are as follows:
WFF: (2022-10-30)
US: 20:00 CDT (01:00 GMT)

WDM: (2022-11-02) (Unconfirmed)

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ZDaemon 1.10.22 has been released

2022-10-03 • Krawa / AF-Domains • (General ZDaemon News)

ZDaemon 1.10.22 is now available; ZDaemon Launcher users will be able to update by going to Help -> Check for Updates.

The Linux and BSD ZServ binaries are available via the Downloads page.

This version contains several nice additions, improvements and fixes; for the full run-down you'll want to check out the changelog.

Please note: Similar to the last release, 1.10.22 servers will require all players to update to the latest version.


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Connection Difficulties - Australia

2022-09-30 • AF-Domains • (General ZDaemon News)

There have been various reports regarding some Australian players being unable to connect to any ZDaemon service.

The cause appears to be an issue with certain ISP-specific DNS servers. (Telstra, usually on non-cellular)

For whatever reason the domain will not resolve.

Some underlying unrelated changes have been made recently that may or may not have made a difference when it comes to this longstanding headache.

IF you have indeed be affected by this, I would recommend attempting to access our main site or connect to the master once more to see whether this is still an issue.

If this is still an issue, a confirmed way to get around this is to make use of the Google DNS servers:

Or if you prefer, OpenDNS, CloudFlareDNS (or othe...

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