Server Policy

ZDaemon servers have the ability to report "Experience Points" as well as other interesting statistics. The servers which are allowed to report Experience Points and Statistics are identified in the ZDaemon launcher by the statistics icon in the left column. Statistics collection can only be enabled by a ZDaemon administrator provided that the server meets the following criteria:
  • Must be on a static IP Address,
  • Must be a permanent server which is available all day, every day,
  • Must not be a private or ACL server. If a password is required, the password must be readily available to anyone who wishes to play on it,
  • Must have the Admin Email field populated with a valid email address,
  • The owner/admin of that server must respond if ever the ZDaemon staff needs to contact him or her,
  • Must have a valid "Web URL" configured which allows players to easily locate any wads required for the server,
  • Must NOT be configured to allow cheating of any kind,
  • Must be configured properly overall and in good working order at all times,
  • Must have the most current version available,
  • Must not be used in any manner which violates the ZDaemon Terms of Use.
  • Must not run on the same machine, or on the same LAN that its owner plays ZDaemon on.
ZDaemon servers that advertize on the master server are designed to automatically consult a "Global Ban List" downloaded from the ZDaemon master server. This is an automatic process, requires no action by the server's owner and it's a precondition for using the Master Server's advertizing service. Contact the ZDaemon staff if there are any disputes regarding banned players. Only ZDaemon admins can add or remove players to/from the Global Ban List.

Additional note: Statistics-Enabled servers are intended for OTHER PLAYERS to play, not for YOU to play on your own server with an overwhelming ping advantage. For this reason, servers which run on your own PC will not be enabled for statistics collection.