LegacyZ Duel Tournament â„–1 December 18th 2021

2021-12-01 • Flambeau • (Blogs - Flambeau)           

one-day Duel Tournament being hosted by LegacyZ

Hi everyone!

Wanna play some duels in NS format on quake maps for few euros?

Sign up for the LegacyZ Duel Tournament â„–1

Date: 18.12.2021 3:00 PM GMT / 18:00 MSK
Prizepool: €125
Brackets type: Double Elimination

Participants: 16-32
Tourney type: NS
Game settings:
- Mode: Duel
- WAD: LegacyZQ2Dv3.wad
- Maps:
-- map01: AEROWALK
-- map02: PRO-Q3T4
-- map03: BLOODRUN
-- map04: HOUSE OF DECAY
- DMFLAGS1/2/3: 1090803140/1073741824/0
- Skill: 4 - NM
- Timelimit: 10 min
- Death Limit: 15 secs

All rounds are BO3 (until 2 wins).
Final(WB,LB and Grand finals games) rounds are BO5. WB (Winner bracket) finalist enters without additions points.
Players pick maps one by one. For BO3 round need 3 maps, BO5 - 5. Use "callvote flipcoin" to determinate player who pick first map.

Download the Wad

Discussions and registration on the LegacyZ discord-server