TNS #418 - 8 years of TNS: The chilly feeling of a déjà vu...

2019-08-15 • Keyboard_Doomer • (TNS News)           

Date: Thursday 15th August 2019
Euro session: 19:00 BST

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Those of you who are with us longer may remember that Chillax was already featured for a TNS birthday 5 years ago (...and a year after that as well). Since then rarely a day passed without someone playing Chillax somewhere on ZDaemon. It has put its roots firmly down in the ZDaemon community and you will hardly find another wad that can rival it in how both popular and infamous it has become here.

Today we invite you to relive the origins and play Chillax with us in all its glorious infamy to celebrate 8 years of TNS!