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Hello Everyone!

While browsing through the net, I found a nice article that I would like to share with you.

People throughout history has been able to achieve magnificent things, some of this historical success has been related many times to a single person, but many, many times more, we aren't able to see the picture behind, who else participated in great inventions, or even in great historical events, for example, in WWII, when the allied troops won, Winston Churchill called George Marshall "The Organizer of Victory", but Marshall alone didn't defeat the enemy, so we failed to see the picture behind, we failed to see every single soldier who helped this General in achieving Victory.

This, my friends, is called Teamwork.

There are times when we are unable to complete tasks by ourselves, when we can't solve life puzzles by ourselves, but then comes into play the help of a friend, a relative, or even an unknown person, and now with 2 minds on deck we happen to succeed, so that was a team effort. Like in many aspects of life, teamwork, is pretty important to our interests, yet it needs a few ingredients for it to work:
  • Leadership: A very importat asset, a leader is a person with the ability of command, not by tirannical authority,not fear, but respect, a respected leader is a good leader, the one who thinks in his team before himself. A person who is willing to do anything to make his team succeed. A person who knows what every team member is able to do. A Person who Leads by example.

  • Communication: Absolutely Necessary. Teammates must talk to each other constantly, get to know each other, be more than just partners. It is extremely important to not keep anything either from your leader, or your teammates, there can be no secrets inside a team.

  • Roles: Everyone must know their place in their team, which can't be changed, unless the leader says so.

  • Solve Conflicts: These will come sooner or later, no matter what, conflicts must not, by any means, damage the relationship among teammates. The ability to solve these conflicts plays a major role as in wether the team will succeed or fail

Speaking of teamwork, I really hope to see you guys in our next Team DeathMatch League, which will begin shortly.

That's all for now, stay tuned! :)