Team Survival League

2012-07-01 • Nero • (TSL News)           

Afternoon Boys & Girls,

I'd like to take the time to introduce you guys, briefly, to TSL and myself. Find us at zdirc channel #EL

I'm Nero - An old veteran some might say, but I'm just a through and through lover of Doom. Some of you may remember from 2009 the likes of ECL (European Champions League) ECDL (European CTF Doom League) These are some of the leagues I ran successfully and I'm back after a good 2 years of being inactive with an incredible team dedicated to bringing you new and more exciting leagues!

The team as it stands mainly comprises of myself and the well known European superstar, Gyrossman! Together we plan to bring you some challenges and build back up what Europe seems to have lost in recent years... Activity! Gyrossman is the master behind the TSL website and we've been organizing the rules and shall be running it alongside each other - He is also a key asset in the running of the European Duel League which is all for your benefit!

Back to the good stuff...

The Idea
A survival league was an idea I had for a good 3 years ago but it never materialised and I'm really hoping this goes down well as Gyross has put an incredible amount of effort into making this as unique and beautiful as ever! The idea is simple - Getting away from fragging and flagging each other to death, there has got to be some brilliant coop players who know how to run maps fast and very effeciently. I'd love to give these guys a challenge and put them up against each other.

How it Works
Simple. 2 players attack one map, killing all the monsters and hitting that exit switch asap... Sounds easy? Think again. We're going to have some explosive maps which will test your mettle to the limit. Only the very best and those who've practised until their fingers are hanging off will gain the vital points throughout the tournament to claim victory in the TSL!

If you thought CTF was about teamwork? You haven't seen anything yet. I can assure you this league will bring about some very close maps and upset a lot of players as we see which pair can tear apart each map faster than the others. Practise will make perfect. The idea is to perfect each run, having 2 players going their seperate ways at the start of the map, maybe one opening a door elsewhere on the map whilst the other waits, maybe each player picking up different keys and meeting in the middle... Every second saved counts!

So, boys & girls, grab a partner, read the rules and get yourself signed up here and be part of the very first and most exciting season of Team Survival League

Sign Up Here

See you soon,