ZDaemon 1.10.18 has been released

2021-05-12 • AF-Domains • (General ZDaemon News)           

ZDaemon 1.10.18 is now available; ZDaemon Launcher users will be able to update by going to Help -> Check for Updates.

The Linux and BSD ZServ binaries are available via the Downloads page.

This version contains several nice additions, improvements and fixes; for the full run-down you'll want to check out the changelog.

Please note: Similar to the last release, 1.10.18 servers will require all players to update to the latest version.

Some highlights:

- The Freeview Player is now capable of full movement while a demo
is in a paused state.

- Several Uncapped Interpolation fixes concerning cameras and online mode when it comes to elevator and floor judder.

- 'spec_warp' allows '$playername' and '#player_id' now.

- Own settings added for score background in intermission.

- Fixed a crash that would occur if you were killed by an orphaned
projectile while in a weaponless state.

- Doom's Pre-Beta BFG added as Dehacked weapon action 'FireOldBFG'.
Projectiles: 'PlasmaBall1' and 'PlasmaBall2'.
Language obituary keyword: 'OB_MPBFG_MBF'.
Related Dehacked keyword for bouncing type: 'ZD_OLDBFGBOUNCE'.

- Doom Beta Evil Sceptre ('EvilSceptre', 'BON3A0', 'BETA_BONUS3')
and Unholy Bible ('UnholyBible', 'BON4A0', 'BETA_BONUS4') added.

- Previously when using A_VileChase on an actor it would always
go into the hardcoded Archvile frames when an actor was being
resurrected. It is now possible to change those frames by
rerouting them through using: 'Heal Frame ZD' on the thingblock.

- You can now also set a custom sound that will play during the
resurrection of an actor. For that you will need to use
'Heal Sound ZD' on the thingblock. It accepts both sound
mnemonic or DeHackEd number.

Our DeHackEd Supplement text documents have also been updated to account for the new beta items; this only applies to the "all" cases.