Pigeon Classic 2021
2021-11-10 • UberGewei • (Blogs - UberGewei)

After the success of last year's Going the Social Distance & Pigeon Classic raising over $3000 for nurses & midwives, it only made sense for In The Keep to do another event. This year, the event is benefitting Child's Play, which is an organization that donates toys & games to hospitals and domestic violence shelters around the world, providing children with a variety of therapeutic opportunities that are also fun!

This year we are again a proud partner and a number of our existing programs will be linked to Pigeon Classic, check out the schedule HERE!


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Christmas 2016, Poll.

2016-09-07 • UberGewei • (Blogs - UberGewei)


The ZDS team needs your help!
Please vote! Let us know what we need host for Christmas this year!

Thanks in advance!

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