Windows 10 -> 11 - ZDaemon Client has no sound (Re-published)
2024-05-30 • AF-Domains • (Blogs - AF-Domains)

There have been at least a couple of reports concerning there being no sound in the ZDaemon Client after updating from Windows 10 to 11.

EDIT: In Windows 11 (and perhaps cases in 10 due to deprecation) there are unfortunately problems when it comes to DirectSound (there are various reports for other games as well).

The in-client adjustment that will get around this problem is as follows:
1) Open the client
2) Bring down the console (Press ~)
3) Enter: snd_output "waveout"
4) Execute: snd_reset

You will then see a number of notices concerning sound being initialised.

Once that has been done, check to see whether there is any sound.

Thanks go to Alc_136 for highlighting this case.

A non-console function will be accounted for in ...

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ZSMulti 0.71 Released - Multi Server Launcher

2022-07-19 • AF-Domains • (Blogs - AF-Domains)

A new version of the ZDaemon Multi Server Launcher has been released:
ZSMulti 0.71

- Fixed an issue concerning configured WAD directories.
- Updated the internal template to account for the latest preset variables..
- Added IP detection; it'll now list and store the detected IP addresses; those stored IP addresses can now be selected if a specific binding address needs to be set on one or more instances.


Upcoming support for unknown gettable things - 1.10.20

2021-12-31 • AF-Domains • (Blogs - AF-Domains)

In the next ZDaemon release - 1.10.20 - support will be added when it comes to the touching of unknown or unusual gettable things.

This to be quite blunt is down to two major bits of madness that go back to the days of Vanilla DeHackEd as a result of item effects being linked to their originating sprites within the engine, and being able to apply said behaviour based on the sprite to states on a given thing that isn't normally used for pickup purposes.

An unusual gettable thing is a non-inventory actor with an Initial frame set to a state from an actor that is part of the Inventory hierarchy within the engine. In versions prior to 1.10.20 if you attempt to interact with such an item then the following will occur:

1. Nothing (...

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ZLauncher dialogues not appearing or displaying correctly - Windows 10

2021-09-06 • AF-Domains • (Blogs - AF-Domains)

If for whatever reason this is being experienced, one cause has been narrowed down.

You'll want to do the following:
1) Open the Control Panel (View by Large Icons if necessary)
2) Click Region
3) Go to the "Administrative" tab
4) Click "Change system locale .."
5) Disable the following option:
[ ] Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support

A system restart will be required for the change to take effect.

It must be stressed that this appears to be one of the common causes.

If there are others they've yet to be discovered.

Edit: In the case of some dialogues (and/or contained items) not being displayed correctly, this is down to a missing font in Windows 10 "MS Sans Serif" (Not "Microsoft San...

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NVIDIA GeForce Users - Fullscreen - Client Crashes

2020-01-08 • AF-Domains • (Blogs - AF-Domains)

If you happen to have an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card and are experiencing crashes in the client while in Fullscreen mode (either during the ALT TAB operation or switching from Fullscreen -> Windowed), this seems to occur when NVIDIA's In-Game Overlay is enabled.

One recommendation would be to disable NVIDIA's In-Game Overlay to see whether this helps.

This can be done by opening "NVIDIA GeForce Experience" and doing the following:
1) Go to Settings (the Gear button)
2) In the General area scroll down until you see the In-Game Overlay option
3) If that option is enabled set it to disabled

Once done check to see whether that has made any difference.