We want YOU for Xnoob 32in24 Mapping Session!
2011-08-24 • Krawa • (Blogs - Krawa)

Hey Guys, Girls and Gorts!

It's time to place some Bier next to your computers & open DoomBuilder...
because we want YOU to compete in our eXXXtreme X-rated 32in24 Mapping Session!

The Session will go on from:
Zaturday, August 27th, 18:00 GMT
Sunday, August 28th, 18:00 GMT

Check out the details on the forum: http://forums.zdaemon.org/viewtopic.php?t=14027


CodinShop nerd & geek wear

2011-06-11 • Krawa • (Blogs - Krawa)

I hope everyone knows Knarrenheinz's flash games. But there is also nerd & geek wear from Codinsoft:

Everyone who loves Brit10 needs the left shirt
For others is something on the right side.
There will be more stuff in the future...

Check out more stuff at CodinShop:
Europe: http://codinshop.spreadshirt.de/sonstiges-C198839
USA / Canada: http://codinshop.spreadshirt.com/misc-C90533/customize/sort/price-asc...

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Planned maintenance [XXX] Servers

2011-05-27 • Krawa • (Blogs - Krawa)

I start my first blog with a technical information. [XXX] servers (KrawaServ) will be a bit offline on Monday, May 30th because of maintenance. There will be a reboot because of an update to a new Linux kernel version. Also the monsters on the Survival servers need some free time for shopping, laundry, dentist, ... :)