Useful / Interesting Resources

  • id Software
    They wrote some software; I forgot which...

  • Doom Explorer
    A fine alternative Doom launcher created by Bond.

    The largest WAD server in the world by Mega-Dog & Rygrass.

  • Ducks Wiki
    A wiki put together by TeamTNS and other Survival game mode
    enthusiasts playing the ZDaemon source port of the original Doom game.

    Your online resource for Classic Doom2 information, files and
    links hosted by Bahdko.

  • The Doom Wiki
    Documentation about anything related to Doom and Doom II,
    as well as games based on the Doom engine.

  • Freedoom
    A free alternative to commercial IWADs.

  • Doom Help Service
    Lots of general information about the Doom family.