Team Survival League
2012-07-01 • Nero • (TSL News)

Afternoon Boys & Girls,

I'd like to take the time to introduce you guys, briefly, to TSL and myself. Find us at zdirc channel #EL

I'm Nero - An old veteran some might say, but I'm just a through and through lover of Doom. Some of you may remember from 2009 the likes of ECL (European Champions League) ECDL (European CTF Doom League) These are some of the leagues I ran successfully and I'm back after a good 2 years of being inactive with an incredible team dedicated to bringing you new and more exciting leagues!

The team as it stands mainly comprises of myself and the well known European superstar, Gyrossman! Together we plan to bring you some challenges and build back up what Europe seems to have lost in recent years... Activity! Gyrossman is the master behind the ...

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