USA Old School Open and Intermediate Tournaments June 2018 - SSL2
2018-05-23 • Evolution • (American Tournaments)

June's tournaments have been announced following a month-long break. They'll be showcasing the new Duel game mode to ensure fair and professional match starts.

To sign up, make sure you have read the forum thread and understood the rules of the tournament, then follow the sign up link at the bottom of the post:


USA Old School Tournament March 2018 - dmc2 map06

2018-03-11 • Evolution • (American Tournaments)

Competitive play makes a return following the release of ZDaemon 1.10, starting with a simple yet intense SSG fest that gives you the apportunity to assert aiming and reactionary dominance against your mates.

Read the full details in the Forums
Sign up Link :

Good luck!!!


Congratulations Perrondon

2014-01-12 • AF-Domains • (American Tournaments)

Perrondon has won the USA December 2013 NS Tournament. Congratulations!


USA December '13 New School Tournament

2013-12-01 • AF-Domains • (American Tournaments)

Greetings, registration for the USA December '13 New School Tournament is now open. To sign up click the link below. Registration ends on the 15th of December 2013.

Sign up Link : USA December '13 New School Tournament

Be sure to read the Details and Instructions before signing-up.

If you have any questions please contact [DUI]AF-Domains in the #zd-tourneys channel.

The WADs this month are ikbrowny and ikbrpatch1, the map is map01

Note: Once you have signed-up, be sure to make a post in the following thread as well indicating your in-game name:

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Congratulations Blesstoise

2013-10-28 • AF-Domains • (American Tournaments)

Blesstoise has won the USA October 2013 OS Tournament. Congratulations!