where does movebob come from?
2014-01-25 • Edwart • (Blogs - Edwart)

Ya we all have this question.... So we finally find it!!!!

please enjoy the vid :)

Thanks for Chowww for make this vid, its really amazing


Its coming.....

2013-12-21 • Edwart • (Blogs - Edwart)


Who Needs The Players 1 - Video

2013-10-27 • Edwart • (Blogs - Edwart)

I forget share this here, so there you go. I Re-upload it because youtube delete the audio :/ but anyway ENJOY :)

Probably i will make the part 2 :D


FIDL - Season 2 - Armadillo OS Duel Tournament!

2013-10-21 • Edwart • (Blogs - Edwart)

Season 2 of the FIDL is just around the corner!
Before it starts though, Check a few announcements!

More Info!


Zdaemon CTF League Season 2 - Mapping Contest

2013-08-04 • Edwart • (Blogs - Edwart)

Now that the season 1 one of ZCL is over I'd like to announce something
interesting for all you doomers out there and specially those of you who love to map!

We are hosting a CTF Map Contest where the
best two maps will be used and played in the next season of ZCL

*Everyone is allowed to enter up to 3 CTF maps of their own.
*The map must consist of only a blue and red side.
*Maps must be symmetrical
*Only textures from zdmegactf-1g.wad are allowed! Download the wad
*Map must be original and YOURS
*Maps must work PERFECTLY on zdaemon 1.09
*Deadline: there isn't a deadline set yet but don't procastinate!
As the next season might be just around the corner.

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