Frag Your Brains Out - On Hiatus
2020-11-04 • AF-Domains • (FYBO News)

FYBO is going on hiatus temporarily.

It will return. Stay tuned.



2020-10-29 • AF-Domains • (FYBO News)

Back in 2006, Dennis "Exl" Meuwissen released this wad.
10 maps designed for mouselook\jump play, initially designed for 1 on 1 gameplay and "maybe 4 player FFA's".
Which should make this session a more cozy one.

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FYBO #422 - EDM

2020-10-21 • AF-Domains • (FYBO News)

It has been a while, however some bigger maps in this week's session of FYBO: EDM by Team TNT.

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FYBO #421 - asdfjkl6

2020-10-14 • AF-Domains • (FYBO News)

It is time for..: Asdfjkl6. This is a set of 16 deathmatch maps that have absolutely no recurring theme. Maps vary from outer space to underwater to a diner to just a bunch of random stuff.

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FYBO #420 - Surge2

2020-10-06 • AF-Domains • (FYBO News)

Let's get again extremely intense: Surge2 ;-).

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