TNS #68 - Doom The Way id Did (Part I)

2012-11-26 • Rhinoduck • (TNS News)           

Date: Thursday 29nd November 2012
Euro session: 20:00 GMT / US session: 20:00 EST

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This wad nearly brought a tear into my eye, and those who played their shareware copy of Doom on the then awesome x86 or early Pentium computers may also get that feeling. The description on the website reads that it is "a full set of maps that's meant to look, feel, and play like they came from the hands of Romero, Petersen, and Hall", and I must agree with that.

So the plan for this Thursday is to dive deep into the familiar feel of episode one and wander through the darkness of episode two till we reach its fifth map. After this nostalgic walkthrough, a classic pain rotation will follow, and, if we are fast, a third rotation with a bit of random madness and Doom 2 in Doom mixture might be at hand.