USDQC Wednesday Night Deathmatch #244 - TLSD2004

2024-01-17 • Lil_Ruff • (Blogs - USDQC)           

We are back on ZDaemon for 2 weeks and we are kicking things off with The Last Strike Deathmatch 2004 AKA – TLSD2K4/TLSD2004. It has been some time since we have run this wad and we feel it is worth returning now that it is just over 20 years old… Wow! This wad contains 18 maps consisting of many different themes. We have a baseball diamond, a Quake 3 lookalike, a shopping center, and heck even a Mario level!

Join up for another night of fragging and we will see ya there!

Date: Wednesday January 17th, 2024
Session: 20.00 CST

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