USDQC Friday Night Survival #224 - Jamal Jones Episode 2

2023-12-15 • Lil_Ruff • (Blogs - USDQC)           

Date: Friday December 15th, 2023
Session: 20.00 CST

Details and comments

We are continuing on our journey with Jamal Jones as we dive into Episode 2: One Man Jury!. Each episode of Jamal Jones is composed of 20 maps + 2 secret maps, for a total of 66 playable maps in the trilogy (and 3 credit maps). As with Doomkid’s previous projects, Jamal Jones busts out the dehacked for a unique vanilla experience, allowing for some new monsters and some buffed lower-tier weapons.

Hop in for another round of FNS and see if you can help Jamal destroy the scourge and save the human race.

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