USDQC Wednesday Night Deathmatch #212 - Frantik Rejects 2

2023-06-07 • Lil_Ruff • (Blogs - USDQC)           

Date: Wednesday June 7th, 2023
Session: 20.00 CDT

Details and comments

This week we are going to check out another wad from Arrowhead, with Frantik Rejects 2! This megawad contains a whopping 46 maps! The first 15 maps are leftovers from Arrowhead’s previous projects, 16-41 were originally from a project Arrowhead was working on with spwnSh4rk, map46 is a new map, and the remainder were proper DM conversions from other maps, such as those used from a CTF pack and a ‘2-3 weapons only thread’ map.

Join us for another night of fraggin’ for this week’s WNDM!

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