USDQC Friday Night Survival #183 - Struggle (Part II)

2023-03-10 • Lil_Ruff • (Blogs - USDQC)           

Date: Friday March 3rd, 2023
Session: 20.00 CST

Details and comments

Last week was a blast and I am hoping this week will be great as well! The problem is, some of these maps ramp up the difficulty, so get ready to truly feel the struggle! We will have some fun battling the Leviathans, enjoying more blue themed maps (quite beautiful), and hordes of enemies this week! Get ready for a grand finish with the Inquisitor on map 30! We will wrap things up with the bonus map33.

Join us and experience this awesome wad and help us survive... I don’t want us to struggle through this one!

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