TNS #383 - Alien Vendetta (Part I)

2018-12-13 • Keyboard_Doomer • (TNS News)           

Date: Thursday 13th December 2018
Euro session: 19:00 GMT

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You might have heard: Doom is now a quarter of a century old.
If you played Doom back in the '90s this might make you feel old as well but that's certainly not a reason to stop playing the best game ever made, is it?

We won't be playing the original Doom for this occasion because it may or may not be reserved for a different one but the next best thing is to play a wad whose legendary status is unquestionable. A wad that's immensely popular among all groups of players: old or new, noobs or Doomgods, speedrunners or slowrunners. The one and only, Alien Vendetta!