:: BaseQ tournament #01 - Your pick! ::

2015-04-24 • Oxyde • (Blogs - Oxyde)           

Bonsoir à tous, amis de la compétition.

You all know that BaseQ has actively been on DooM for two reasons: giving fresh air to the european scene, and to promote again competition.

After some discussion with some trusted fellows and other BaseQ members, we have decided to create our own cup.

These challenges will always reward the best of you. The prizes will range from Steam games to free-of-charge monthly wad hosting!

However, we need your choice, for this first cup!

Right now, we all know that popular tournaments would go through classic gamemodes: CTF or Duel.

For the first one, we have chosen 4 gamemodes for you: Duel, CTF, TDM, and Double Domination.
You will be able to choose the game mode of this tournament. All you need to do is to choose wisely what you want to play.

What will you do? Shine in the crowd defending your title single handedly or will you choose the path of teamplay and friendship? The choice is up to you!

What will lie behind these game modes is your call! That's a complete surprise for both you and us!

Okay, hyped enough now? ;)
Please take your votes in the poll available in this here thread and tell us more about what you want expect!