:: FCT #45 - Questions for a DooMer ::

2015-03-31 • Oxyde • (Blogs - Oxyde)           

Bonsoir! Ch0wW took Oxyde's computer for a night! :P

We are sorry for the delay of the announcement of the FCT. We have thought of something fun too. After all, we are THAT crazy, right? ;)

Are you ready? Because tonight, you'll get some...

Frenchies' Chaotic Tuesdays #44
Questions for a DooMer!

No killing monsters this time! YOU will be killed instead, by not thinking that much. So we will fix that... Will you win... Our game? I'm sure you won't.

Featuring lots and lots of new questions! (Oh, and I increased difficulties of some questions. We lost already 69 millions since our game's creation. I don't really want you win more of them. :P )

● Server: BaseQ.fr
● Wad: DooM 2
● Lives: 1
● Gameplay: Freelook & zooming allowed, jumping disabled
● Starting: 20:30 UTC+1

Vite, envoyez vos dons! xD