:: FRT #02 - La boite à malices ::

2015-02-23 • Oxyde • (Blogs - Oxyde)           


I'm back! And because of that, you get a new FRT event! I must say I really like this setup, it gives us more free time to make crazier FCTs and scripts! ;) I also would like to ask everyone if any of the current monsters/weapons are fine as they are currently, or do they require some adjustements!
Also, would the inventory tool need to be worked? Please share with us your expectations and feedbacks! :)

Et pour ce mardi, laissez-moi vous proposer...

Frenchies' Regular Tuesdays #02
La boite à malices

One fantastic wad crafted by no other that the Doomworld community; You gussed it, it will be Community Chest #4!

● Server: BaseQ.fr
● Wad: Community Chest 4
● Lives: 1
● Gameplay: Freelook & zooming allowed, jumping disabled
● Starting: 20:30 UTC+1

Je compte sur vous! ;)