ZDS #211 - Hail To TheCupboard, Baby!

2011-09-14 • Krawa • (ZDS News)           

Hey Guys, Gays & Girls!

This week is going to be a special ZDS and I hope a lot of you will participate.
Because it´s time to say farewell to TheCupboard, our self-proclaimed
Junior ZDS Minister who accompanied us 114 ZDSes long.

Dont worry, nothing bad has happened here, he just won´t be active in the
ZDS Section at the moment.
So, it´s obvious that we got to host an extraordinary titbit of a WAD this week
to pay Cuppy the honour that he deserves:

CupCtf !

Cuppy, I hope you treat Shark good in your scenic basement. You may keep him
gagged, but loose his bonds a bit so he can use keyboard and mouse to play ZDS
with us ;)

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