ZDaemon Multi-Server Launcher Release

2017-07-28 • AF-Domains • (General ZDaemon News)           

To take into account multiple servers being run on Windows systems, a new tool has been created:

The application will need to be extracted into your ZDaemon directory alongside the ZSWizard executable.

Up to 48 server instances can be configured.

By default it'll display 5 instances for configuration. To modify this, goto Settings -> Options.

The Wizard (Full Area interface) is also used when it comes to configuring the various instances. It will not affect any server that you've created via the standalone ZSWizard.

For the time being, this tool is in testing. If there are any bugs or issues with it, leave a message for me on IRC with MemoServ:
/memoserv send AF-Domains.net message-here

When leaving reports about bugs or issues, be as detailed as possible.

2017-07-20: Newer version has been released.
2017-07-27: Various internal adjustments have been made, link updated.
2017-07-28: Additional internal adjustments, a numerical indicator has also been added to the main GUI.