ZSWizard Update

2014-04-28 • AF-Domains • (General ZDaemon News)           

An updated version of the ZSWizard is now available.

A few bugs have been fixed.

New features:
1) "Join Server" button added
2) In the "Advanced" dialogue (Full Area only), it is now possible to manually specify an IWAD. If an IWAD is specified manually, it'll override what has been selected in the Game combobox. If the manually defined IWAD doesn't exist, it'll revert to what has been defined in the Game combobox.

1) The Heapsize value can be manually entered via the "Advanced" dialogue (Full Area only).
2) The "Advertise" variable can now be adjusted from the Wizard area.
3) Configuration and Response files are now generated directly in the zswizard/zserv00/ directory.