Public Beta 1.09 has been released

2011-07-16 • Raider • (General ZDaemon News)           

We're pleased to announce the release of the first public 1.09 beta, as well as a 1.08.08c upgrade. Here are a few of the goodies you will find in this release:
  • New Picture-In-Picture feature when spectating duels.

  • "DVD-like" playback controls (play/pause/forward/backward) while watching demos.

  • New "double domination" mode.

  • Team radar that shows the position of teammates in all team modes.

  • Built in railgun, zooming (sniper scope) and an instagib mode.

  • New, highly customizable font system, offering improved readability of console and ingame messages.

  • Improved unlagged.

  • Much smoother movement for higher ping players.

  • Clients can control the number of incoming packets (user-selectable fineticks).

  • Tons of coop fixes that will make the mode much more enjoyable!

  • Greatly improved Heretic support.

  • Increased playerlimit from 16 to 50.

  • Working polyobjects.

  • Much improved wine support (linux) for the launcher and ZRC.

  • Several new DMFLAGS for improved fidelity to doom2.exe.

  • Improved team balancing; it should result in more balanced team games.

  • A new update mechanism in ZLauncher that ensures proper and easy updates of all game related files. The mechanism will significantly simplify later upgrades to newer (beta or final) versions.

Here is the complete change log.

There are also a few caveats:
  • Demo recording is not supported in the 1.09 beta release because the netcode protocol is not finalized yet (ie., those demos would not be playable later on).

  • There are no publicly distributable 1.09 servers yet for the same reason as above: the netcode is not finalized yet. Such servers will be made available when the protocol is finalized.

  • Server hosts should update to the new 1.08.08c server. It fixes some crashes, a security (DOS) problem and adds some new features like the new team balancing.

Download it here.