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2014-01-07 • Oxyde • (Blogs - Oxyde)           

Bonsoir à tous! 8)

A new year has just started, I sincerely hope everyhting will be as good for you all as possible and for those you love. :) I know I plan to be more active than ever this year, I will not yet explicate why, but you will hear from us in the meantime. ;)

And because we have a new year starting, we also want something new for the FCT. We still have some good ideas left to execute, and the recent release of 1.10 just makes us so impatient to show them to you!
Tonight's FCT will be a bit special, I will explain you the details, don't worry. ;) I might have been away from the FCT but I'm definitely getting back to it this year!
And no, posting earlier isn't part of our resolutions. :P

Laissez-moi donc vous présenter, pour la première FCT de l'année 2014...

Frenchies' Chaotic Tuesdays #33 - The Freakin' Craptastic Testing
For tonight's event, you will be introduced to a standard format of FCT for 2014. All the content in this session will be present for each oncomming event. The content includes a new inventory item (a fully functionnal grenade straight from Hexen), 7 new monsters which will replace randomly the existing ones (they are Skulltag's new hellspawn), ZDaemon's built-in Railgun taking over the Chainsaw because no ones uses it and health-based HUD effects with blood and sound effects.
Also, to test Chow's incredible server, the player limit has been increased to a 100!
Of course all this stuff couldn't have existed without YOU and your help!
So if any new inventory item, weapon, monster or powerup you think would fit in here, let us know. ;)

Mode: Survival
Lives: 1
PWads: FCT33, Plutonia2

See you tonight @ 21:15. ;)