Patch release + Avast false positive

2013-12-26 • Phenex2 • (General ZDaemon News)           

Patch release

A patch release with a few bug fixes has been released today.
Only clients are affected and server host need not update!

We would like to remind you again that this is still a beta release, so do not get too upset about problems or changes you run into. Bugs will be addressed and new features you see are mostly optional.

Avast false positive

Avast will interfere with the zswizard component of zdaemon,
either when running it or when updating it. To enable the
autoupdates to work properly, you need to:
  • Right click on the avast icon in the tray

  • Select the "avast shields control" submenu

  • Select "disable for 10 minutes"

That will enable the autoupdate, but the file will still be in
risk of getting caught by avast so you need one more thing:
  • Right click on the avast icon in the tray

  • Select "Open avast user interface"

  • Click on "settings" on the left-hand side

  • Click on "active protection"

  • Click on the gear icon to the right of "File System Shield"

  • Click on "Exclusions"

  • Append "*\zswizard.exe" to the listbox in the center of the window.

  • Hit OK

If you have encountered this problem, it might be a good idea
to let avast know about the false positive. The more people
report it, the sooner they'll fix the problem.

You can give the virustotal test result a green vote as well.