Clan Round-up: 2 New clans in the Euro region!

2011-06-26 • Thadeuss • (Blogs - Thadeuss)           

Two new clans have recently been formed in the past few weeks in the Euro region, [HB] and =LS= .

[HB] is captained by the Czech player Capodecima and already has formidable roster comprising of Dopefish, Bulb, Spirit_Crusader, and Descarthes. Although members are primarily from the Czech Republic, the clan is open to recruiting from any European region. [HB] already has some top quality players so if you would like to talk to them about a try out you can find them on IRC at #HB or alternatively you can post in their clan thread found here: Thread

=LS= has been formed by that horrifically bad player Sniper. Of course I'm joking, we all know how annoyingly good Sniper is at CTF, 1on1, and FFA. As a long time member of the ZD community Sniper has been a member of several of Europe's more notable clans over the past few years. He has finally decided to start up his own clan and if you would like to try out you can find Sniper on IRC at #LS or check out their clan thread on the forums here: Thread

Remember, don't worry if you fail a try out, just get back into the servers and brush up on those skills.