ZDS #199 - Part of a balanced breakfast

2011-06-21 • - • (ZDS News)           

This week's co-op ZDS will feature a pack of maps titled "The Oozing Affair", set in the Chex Quest universe. It takes place somewhere in between the events detailed in Chex Quest and Chex Quest 2. Check out screenshots and the original thread here.

Dispatched by the Intergalactic Federation of Cereals to eliminate the Flemoid menace, the Chex Warriors have been engaged in an arduous campaign against the gooey interdimensional maruaders for months. The Flemoids appear have amassed in greater numbers than ever before in the mountain ranges of Bazoik. Hesitant to employ the use of the uncivilized Wheaties mercenary forces (which happen to have just a terrible effect on PR), the Federation has deployed the remnants of its force of Chex Warriors to push through the slimed facilities on Bazoik and eliminate the Flemoid occupiers. Maybe, just maybe, breakfast can be made safe again for the galaxy...