:: Frenchies' Chaotic Tuesdays #18 - [H]eavily [R]andomized ! ::

2013-06-04 • Oxyde • (Blogs - Oxyde)           

Salut à tous :)

Once again, I'll start with a quick recap of the FCT happenings!
It seems that, once more, we have scored a new block-buster session! The V.I.P. game mode seems to still be enjoyed (5 players as I'm writing this), and the balance doesn't look critical. Chow is still working on the mod to make it even better, and fix the few remaining bugs. You can give him Kudos! \o/
About our first ever huge success, the shopping hub, it will be finished REALLY soon! ;)
Now, let's go with tonight's event! Once gain, I am sorry for this late post, but we were trying to break some Heretic-N records last night, and I completely forgot about it! :o
This day's event was also written by Ch0wW! Let's discover what wew are talking about... :)

Frenchies' Chaotic Tuesdays #18 – [H]eavily [R]andomized !
While the misleading title can make you believe that we are re-running a previous FCT, it's not the case at all!
When spawning, a countdown will start. Once reaching 0, you will loose your current weapon and get another one. The weapons given are random, and range from the chainsaw to the plasma gun.
Everyone will get the same weapon; no unbalance! Expect a total... blast if you get Rocket Launchers! :P
This madness will be played on Hell Revaled!
Because the client doesn't sync weapons with the server correctly using ACS methods, you will have to wait/refire your gun for the client to properly get the newly earned weapon!

Some basic settings for today!
  • Server: BaseQ.fr

  • Gamemode: Survival

  • Lives: 1

  • Files: FCT18.zip, hr.zip

  • DMFlags1: 218695720

  • DMFlags2: 823601680

Now for the special gameplay changes, here is how the episodes will play:
  • Episode 1 will be played with normal rules and a visible change-timer.

  • Episode 2 will be played with 2* monster health and a change-timer only visible the 5 seconds before switching.

  • Episode 3 will be played with a random maplist, 2* monster damage and without the change-timer.

Nothing is broken again! And to celebrate, I didn't plan anything!

The madness will be starting at 21h (GMT+1).

We hope you will like this session! :D
A bientôt sur le serveur. :)