:: Frenchies' Chaotic Tuesdays #17 - Meet the V.I.P. ::

2013-05-28 • Oxyde • (Blogs - Oxyde)           

Salut à tous :)

This week is going to be a blast. This is all I can tell you. Honestly!
Now that I have teased you all, I could just run away and let you all wonder what this week will be about! That would be fun! :D
But I'm not cruel, so I will tell you because I love you. :)
This week's mode was entirely though, written and designed by your favorite Frenchie server administrator, the one and only; Ch0wW!
Of course we helped him doing the testing, but everything was crafted by his godly hands!
Laissez moi donc vous présenter...

Frenchies' Chaotic Tuesdays #17 – Meet the V.I.P.
This game mode, entirely created by Mr. Ch0wW himself, is all based on team play and survival instincts.
At the start of a map, a player is choosen to be the VIP. This player is granted 200% Health & Armor, but his only weapon is his trusty handgun.
However, only the VIP is allowed to grab keys.
All the other players will spawn with a randomly choosen weapon. Their goal is to protect the VIP at all costs.
If the VIP dies, everyone will suffer from it...
The VIP can easily be recognized in the crowd because of the huge Arrow on his head.
You will be introduced to this masterpiece of a gamemode on Plutonia Revisited!
Protect the VIP, protect your team mates, and more importantly, think twice before grabbing a berserk pack. ;)

Some basic settings for today!
  • Server: BaseQ.fr

  • Gamemode: Survival

  • Lives: 1

  • Files: FCT17.zip, prcp.zip

  • DMFlags1: 218695720

  • DMFlags2: 823601680

Now for the special gameplay changes, here is how the episodes will play:
  • Episode 1 will be played with -fast monsters.

  • Episode 2 will be played with -respawning monsters.

  • Episode 3 will be played with a random maplist, 2* monster health and -fast monsters.

Nothing is broken again! And to celebrate, I didn't plan anything!

The madness will be starting at 21h (GMT+1).

We hope you will like this session! :D
A bientôt sur le serveur. :)