:: Frenchies' Chaotic Tuesdays #16 - The Ultimate NS... 2 !! ::

2013-05-21 • Oxyde • (Blogs - Oxyde)           

Salut! :D

I originally wanted to write this whole text in French, and let you guys translate it to see what it was all about. Well, French lessons time!
Nous avons beaucoup travaillé sur la FCT Shopping v2, un article sera mis en ligne sur le site principal pour vous parler en détail des changements que nous avons faits. Je suis certain que vous allez apprécier!
Short sentences, clear words, Babelfish might do the trick for you! Bonus points to anyone who can translate it perfectly!
Now let's go on with our main subject!

Frenchies' Chaotic Tuesdays #16 – The Ultimate NS... 2 !!
Going back to the roots of evil for this session, and mixing up with modern game difficulty twist! Doom 3 Nightmare comes back tonight, to be played in The Ultimate Doom!
Your health is slowly but surely decreasing to until it reaches 25%, be quick but not in a hurry!.

Some basic settings for today!
  • Server: BaseQ.fr

  • Gamemode: Survival

  • Lives: 1

  • Files: FCT08.zip

  • DMFlags1: 220004396

  • DMFlags2: 823601674

Now for the special gameplay changes, here is how the episodes will play:
  • Episode 1 will be played with -fast monsters.

  • Episode 2 will be played with a randomized maplist + 2* Monster Health.

  • Episode 3 will be played with 2* Monster Damage + 2* Monster Health + Vampire mode.

  • Episode 4 will be played with all of the freaking above.

Nothing is broken again! And to celebrate, I didn't plan anything!

The madness will be starting at 21h (GMT+1).

We hope you will like this session! :D
A bientôt sur le serveur. :)