:: It's all about CTF sometimes ::

2013-05-13 • Oxyde • (Blogs - Oxyde)           

It's all about CTF sometimes folks. :)
As you know it, my french mate Chronique is starting a CTF league, called ZCL. His goal is to gather the maximum amount of players into a huge CTF tournament like never before. Two separate groups for the USA and Europe will play, all divided into teams. Que le meilleur gagne!

Thanks to Ch0wW for this magnificent piece of editing!

And while we are at it with CTF, JCD and I recently started digging old demos on our hard drives. What's amusing about it? Je vais vous le dire! We retrieved demos of us glitching in CTF maps. Because JCD always wants me to do something, either being a wad, a video, or a website, I thought it'd be nice to let the world know about these.
The result is a CTF compilation of myself and JCD, running through Map16 of the ZDCTF Pack, using void glides to score the flags using not so conventionnal paths.
Let us know what you think!