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2013-04-09 • Oxyde • (Blogs - Oxyde)           

Well hello shiny ZDaemon website! Oxyde speaking here!

I want to start this article, and my first ever on the official site, by thanking everyone, even you! Yes you, the nerdy CTF player from Peru! Ehm, I got carried away here... Thanks to the ZDaemon staff, the community for their kind words and feedbacks on the FCT events, and more importantly, you, the players, for joining us in the slaughter. :)
I will always be posting up the FCT events here, aswell as the forums to keep everyone notified of what is going on. I also will post mapping related stuff, because I like it! :p
Before going further, let me recommend you to read the FCT F.A.Q., you will learn a lot of things about us, how we work and what the FCT is actually. :)
And one last thing, it's called FCT, but don't worry: Everyone is welcome!

Let's go on with what I have came up for: the presentation of this week's FCT !

Frenchies' Chaotic Tuesdays #10 – Stealthy Evil Ennemies
It is usually easy to strike back when you are surprised, it is even child's business when it comes to kill a monster when it has not seen you yet. How hard would you think it will be to kill something invisible?
That's right, tomorrow will let you meet your favorite foes in a ZDoom-ish savior. Now did you SEE them? ;)
We will play this on Memento Mori, a not so-difficult wad with a rather dark atmosphere.

The episodic changes will be slightly different this time.
Server: BaseQ.fr
Gamemode: Survival
Lives: 1
Files: FCT10.zip, Memento Mori II
DMFlags1: 218972196
DMFlags2: 823619264

Now for the special gameplay changes, here is how the episodes will play:

Episode 1 (Maps 01 -> 10) will be played with normal rules.
Episode 2 (Maps 11 -> 20 + Secrets) will be played with 2* Monster Health.
Episode 3 (Maps 21 -> 30) will be played with -ResetInventory.

The madness will be starting at 20h (GMT+1).
Forum mirror: http://forums.zdaemon.org/viewtopic.php?t=15244