Doom the Way id Did: The Lost Episodes v1.0 fix for ZDaemon (Release 2)

2013-01-08 • Rhinoduck / AF-Domains • (Blogs - Rhinoduck)           

This wad contains the MAPINFO lump for ZDaemon so that specials work and levels
that use them get properly exited. The cluster end screens have been left out
to make the behaviour consistent with the rest of the episodes in ZDaemon and to
make advancing to the last episodes through gameplay possible. Proper map names
and music are now also used for episode 5 and episode 6.

USAGE: Just load this wad as another pwad.

You can reach the additional episodes by either playing through the game or by
issuing the 'map eXmY' command in the console where 'X' is the number of the
episode and 'Y' is the number of the map.

UPDATE: Release 2 fixes the problem with e6m3 being impossible to finish (2013-01-08)