What you'll find in this blog

2011-05-26 • Thadeuss • (Blogs - Thadeuss)           

Hi everyone. I've been asked to be one of several bloggers here on the new ZDaemon site. I'm really looking forward to writing a bunch of articles and news updates from the world of DOOM and hope anyone passing by will find this blog useful or enjoyable. This is just a quick post to say hello and to outline what you'll see in this blog. Obviously the posts here will focus heavily on ZDaemon but I want to cover as wide a range of topics as possible. I will be posting news updates with regards to software development, as well as talking a bit about various tournaments ZDaemon players can get involved in. I'll be posting reviews of new wads and occasionally casting an eye back to some of those classic map packs that we all find ourselves returning to. I will also be using this blog to embed and post links to a series of ZDaemon related videos I am making called 'The DOOM survival Guide'. What form these videos will take will become clearer in future posts, but I will be posting updates on the latest episodes as well as information on how you can take part! Lastly, I'll be posting general hints, tips, and strategy guides to help anyone new to the game develop as players as quickly as possible. Oh and you might get the occasional rant or mention of another old school game :)

OK, let's do this!