2012-10-04 • Fluffles • (Blogs - Fluffles)           

Hi guys as promised another blog post is here.

Tonnes of stuff is happening recently. ZDDL is happening once again this year so make sure all of you sign up for it on zdl.zdaemon.org! Even if your new to dueling you can make your way into the lower divisions and get better over time. I hope to see some old duelers appear to trash the players in the high divisions ;).

Also the Clan scene is picking up abit, european private ctf is happening pretty much daily now. Little clan scrims have been happening aswell, I'm sure more will happen in the close future aswell. Clans have joined up on the scrimming thread which has helped create competition, especially with CN getting whipped by BK last weekend (bloody BK).

If any of you are new looking at this blog be sure to check out the tournament threads on the forums. I've seen a few new names appear but they quit quickly if they lose. Remember you'll only get better with practice not instantly heh!