ZDS #195 - 3-way CTF Madness

2011-05-27 • - • (ZDS News)           

We're long overdue for 3-way CTF. This time around we're going with the 3-Way CTF Madness pack headed by Spacepirate, featuring work from such glamorous names as Izm, Exl, TUD, Jad, Caboose, Ronald, Worst, Stewboy, Cybershark, Doomination, Sniper109, and Blackshark. All in all it's a very nice pack of maps for a smashing variant of CTF.

If you've never ventured far from a diet of conventional 2-way, then you might be pleasantly surprised at how much a third team can really shake things up.

Rally the troops. Bug the IRC warriors in your local chat channel (you know the ones). Phone your long-estranged cousin. Make as many 3-way puns as you see fit. It's back baby!

Link to forum thread!

Game Mode: CTF
IWAD: Doom 2
PWADs: 3waymadness-ctfv4

Maps: 23 (01-23)
DMFLAGS: 283844 / 33554432
Teams: 3
Players: 15 [5 vs 5 vs. 5 (+1 spectator) - set max players per team to 5 or autobalance it]
Scorelimit: 5
Timelimit: 10 minutes
Skill: Nightmare
Voting: Kick and map
Other stuff: No team damage, no team atuoaim, no overtime

Date: Saturday 28th May 2011
Time: 7:30 pm BST / 9:00 pm EST
Locations: [XXX] / Dwango United NJ

For those fellows in the northern hemisphere, I hope you all have a good summer. 8)

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