2012-09-22 • Fluffles • (Blogs - Fluffles)           

Hi guys, welcome to my zdaemon blog, this whole section is mostly just going to be about competition, competitive modes, news on clans, new faces in the duel/ctf scene ;), possibly .flv duel games, configs and literally anything about blowing everyones face off! I'll be sure to try create an update blog atleast once a fortnight, so if you are interested bookmark or check back once in a while.

Anyway who cares about introductions, I'll start off with abit of advertising on my behalf. this thread. Check this thread out if you have an active clan or will be creating a clan in the near future, this will record any scrims/wars you decide to post also it helps setting up scrims or wars alot easier than just on yourself.

Also any clans which haven't already try and make a thread on the clans section of Zdaemon forums, it will help everyone understand what you are about and who you are (stares at mexicans clans)