End of Line!

2012-09-17 • Phenex2 / Kilgore • (General ZDaemon News)           

2012-09-01 release: People using the Gregorian little-endian calendar date format will have noticed that today is the 01.09.2012! What does that mean for you? It means that you can finally enjoy the final release of ZDaemon 1.09!

The changes are far too numerous to list here; you can find detailed information by going to the changelog, Client Information and Server Information documents. Server hosts are advised to check the zserv.cfg file that comes with the server binaries. It documents all server CVARs! If you have questions or problems with the 1.08 -> 1.09 migration, refer to this forum thread.

The direct changes this final release brings are:
  • Demo Recording

  • Public Server Binaries

  • In-Game Nick Authentication to prevent impersonation

The last point does not mean that you cannot alias anymore. You still can, but you need to actually own the nick.

To get the final release just go to 'Help->Check for Updates' in the ZLauncher or download it from here. You can also find unix server binaries at our download page.

Many thanks to all the people that supported us and made this great release possible. This release is dedicated to all of you. Now go frag your brains out!

2012-09-04 update: A fix for spurious turbo errors, as well as a fix for the kick message not getting recorded on demos.

2012-09-05 update: A fix for full servers.

2012-09-06 update: The usage of the teamscorelimit CVAR for coop/survival turned out to be too confusing. Therefore we introduced a new CVAR called teamkilllimit: it specifies the number of monsters killed by all players that will trigger a map change in coop and survival modes. It defaults to zero (ie., inactive).

2012-09-17 update: improved demo viewing in the ZDaemon client, improved alias combo box in ZLauncher, and a bug fix regarding filenames containing spaces in the demo tool.