1.09 Beta 28 has been released

2012-08-31 • Kilgore • (General ZDaemon News)           

2012-07-28 release: The next 1.09 beta is upon us (and will be automatically installed for you by the ZLauncher). You will find several nice fixes and improvements; just check the changelog.

Download 1.09 Beta 28 here.

2012-07-30 Update: New client with bug fixes about ACS HUD messages, polyobjects, dehacked frame pointers and inventory key reset.

2012-08-13 Update: A few bug fixes regarding rendering, audio dampening and losing the "solid" property for players after scoring a point in DDOM/KOTH.

2012-08-20 Update: A few more bug fixes, join password for servers, custom respawn timers for all items/powerups/artifacts, etc.

2012-08-29 Update: Fixed a client crash in Cybercrime 3. The launcher will now randomly display one of the new banners on the login screen. After 10 seconds it will show another banner.

2012-08-30 Update: Added a client-side option that lets you scale ACS print/printbold messages.

2012-08-31 Update: New fonts for ACS Print/PrintBold, as well as netcode improvements to reduce problems with missing / duplicate / ghost items and monsters.