ZDS #252 - XLAN Archie Jump

2012-06-30 • Krawa • (ZDS News)           

Yo ZDaemon Session people!
Next Saturday's ZDS will be at the weekend of the yearly XLAN.
So be surprised what we will play there for ZDS!

OK! Time to play Archie Jump for ZDaemon Session!

You ever used the vertical boost of an Arch-Vile-Attack? It doesn't matter if you are a speedrunner or a from time to time player. With some time getting into this, this will make fun for each kind of player.
The aim of this wad is to complete the maps by especially using Arch-Vile-Jumps, which describes the vertical boost of an Arch-Vile-Attack, and Rocket-Jumps without getting killed. In map32 you also have to kill monsters because they will distract you from jumping through the map.

Attention: Avoid open fire and close fire doors!

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